5 Year Special Use Permit IS HERE!!

We are pleased that our 5 year special use permit has been approved by our partners at the American River Ranger District in Tahoe Natl Forest. The complexity of this process is compounded by several factors: - The WS Trail from Michigan Bluff to Last Chance is a registered Historical Landmark, which means it has much tougher standards when applying for long term special use permits - most of the staff at the American River District are pulling double duty as they are understaffed and underfunded - all trails and roads have been hit very hard by last years historic precipitation so it is more important than ever to give back to the trails that we love so much. Our partnership now requires us to do trail maintenance and $ donations that will be used specifically in this district, (permit fees go into the general fund). Please give what you can when you register for Canyons 18, work days to be determined but you may sign up and/or donate when you check out on ultrasignup! Thank You and we will see you on a trail soon!

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